Other Services

Other Services

Vi-2s-Dk Consulting Services

Providing top-notch advise on, plan, design and install information technology systems for their clients. Our clients span a wide range of industries and our solutions exceed their personalized needs.

Research & Development Services

Performing research and development (R&D) to improve current technologies and/or to develop innovations that strengthen the present position in the marketplace.

Travel and Transport Services

Conducting personal and/or business travel management services, vacation travel agency services, meeting & event planning services and more.

Volunteer, Outreach & Non-Profit Services

Engaging in Volunteer and Outreach services for nonprofits, churches, schools, youth groups, senior centers, less privileged, etc.

Volunteer, Outreach and Non-Profit Services

We currently volunteer our services to Past Present and Future Africans (PPFA) foundation among other charity organizations.

We are open for more outreach and volunteer opportunities!


Volunteer, Outreach and Non-Profit Services

We also volunteer our services to Purpose Driven African Women (PuDAWA) among other charity organizations.

We are open for more outreach and volunteer opportunities!


About Vi-2s-Dk

Vi-2s-Dk is pronounced "Vee-tus Deekay". The notion was originally conceived in 2003 when the founder fell in love with JDK (Java SE Development Kit). JDK is a Java package for Java Developers.  It includes a complete Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plus tools for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. 

Vi-2s-Dk is short for "Virtual ideas to Software Development Knowledge". We transform invisible ideas into visible tools through development using software design knowledge. 

Vitus Dk is the Founder and CEO of Vi-2s-Dk LLC. He was first introduced to computers in 1995 (think of Windows '95, floppy discs and Word Perfect). His experience and expertise span over a couple decades in a diverse variety of settings and with a wide range of tools. By all means,  feel free to tap into his resourcefulness. 

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